Ray Sharp

Director / Owner

Ray, a distinguished figure in Opotiki, had a formative upbringing, excelling academically and in sports. Alongside his professional pursuits, Ray pursued a passion for farming, which led to the establishment of various farms and forestry projects.

His life took a turn with his marriage to Elisabeth Mannes (Lis) in 1988, marking the start of successful collaborative ventures in accounting, farming, orcharding, and forestry. Despite personal tragedies, Ray and Lis continued to expand their business portfolio, including acquiring Tirohanga Fruit Company Limited in 1995, where they have resided since.

Over the years, Ray has actively engaged in various community roles and governance positions, displaying a commitment to the betterment of his community. Notably, he played a pivotal role in the development of Eastpack Ltd and served as a Zespri Director. Additionally, he has held significant positions in several commercial enterprises, reflecting his diverse business acumen.

Ray’s contributions extend internationally, as evidenced by his involvement in a dairy farm venture in Australia and in Zespri Grower tours worldwide. With a strong background in finance and governance, Ray continues to leave a mark in various sectors as a respected fellow and director.