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Managing a thriving kiwifruit orchard requires a dedicated team and a well-coordinated effort throughout the entire year. From pruning in winter, thinning in summer to harvest in autumn, each season brings a unique set of tasks that contribute to the success of Tirofruit’s orchards. Read on as we delve into the seasonal challenges the orchard management team faces, highlighting the teamwork that ensures the production of the world’s best kiwifruit.

Winter (June - August)
Pruning and Preparations

Winter brings cooler weather and shorter days to the orchards but no lack of high activity. During these months when the plants are dormant, the focus lies on preparing the kiwifruit vines for the upcoming growing season. Pruning becomes the focus at this time of year, removing last season’s older canes to make way for new growth. Skilful hands carefully select and tie down new canes, laying the foundation for the next season’s fruit production.

This is also the time for the team to assess the overall health of the orchard, tend to any maintenance requirements and fine-tune irrigation systems. Winter is a time of anticipation, as the Tirofruit teams eagerly look forward to the renewal and vibrancy that spring will bring.

A young woman with a hat cutting vines with a large pair of secateurs

Spring (September - November) The Renewal of Growth

As the first signs of spring and warmth awaken the orchards from their winter chilling, the kiwifruit vines begin their journey towards renewal. New shoots emerge on the canes, accompanied by the appearance of the first flower buds. Pollination is a crucial aspect of this stage in the season, and nature’s tiny helpers, the bees, diligently pollinate the flowers, setting the stage for the transformation of flowers into fruit.

During spring, the orchard management team keeps a watchful eye on the developing fruit, ensuring that everything ticks along as expected, working in harmony with mother nature to foster a healthy and bountiful crop. Mother nature can deliver mid-season frosts which damage the flowers and buds so the teams are on standby to ensure the frost protection systems are all working.

Summer (December - February) The Season of Growth

As the sun shines brighter and longer on the orchards, the kiwifruit vines experience rapid growth. Pruning becomes an ongoing task to manage vigorous growth and shape the canopies. The team selectively thins the kiwifruit to optimise their size and taste, ensuring that each fruit receives the best conditions for maturation.

During summer, the team’s dedication to maintaining the orchards and providing adequate nutrition to the vines is essential for the kiwifruit’s successful development. As the fruit ripens, its vibrant colours emerge, and the team’s meticulous care begins to bear fruit.

Autumn (March - May)
Harvest Time

As the days grow shorter and the air carries a hint of crispness, the orchards come alive with activity. Harvest time approaches, and the team is ready to reap the rewards of their year-long labour. Careful assessments of the fruit’s ripeness guide the picking process. When the kiwifruit meets the criteria for quality and grade, a large team of skilled workers carefully hand-pick the fruit, ensuring each one is handled with utmost care.

Harvest is a time of celebration and camaraderie, with everyone working together to gather the fruit that will soon delight people all over the world. Once picked, the kiwifruit is transported to the packhouse, where it undergoes packing and storage, preparing for its journey to markets and tables across the globe.

The Power of Teamwork

Throughout the year, the orchard management team at Tirofruit demonstrates the power of teamwork and dedication. With a shared passion for growing premium-quality kiwifruit, they collaborate seamlessly, combining experience, knowledge and innovative practices. Their commitment to excellence and their deep connection to the land ensure that each season yields a bountiful harvest of luscious kiwifruit.

If you would like to be a part of this wonderful experience and join us in the kiwifruit industry, we are always looking for hard-working, friendly people. Check out our Join Our Team section to learn more about the opportunities and how to apply.

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