Our History

Our Founding Years

Running deep through Tirofruit’s history lies the tireless vision of founders Ray and Lis Sharp. Since 1995, their dedication has transformed land in the East Coast’s Opotiki and Te Kaha areas into over 100 hectares of thriving kiwifruit orchards. Ray’s illustrious journey, spanning board roles at Zespri and EastPack, infuses the company with unparalleled expertise.

Looking ahead, Tirofruit plans to grow its team and foster community development. Development pathways range from horticulture certifications to machinery licenses, emphasizing employee skill development in administration, HR, H&S, finance, and operations.

Tirofruit remains dedicated to the land, community, and its people.

With an optimistic outlook and determined leadership, Tirofruit anticipates a flourishing legacy.

Join our journey celebrating passion, innovation, and people defining our powerful, respected brand – a cherished home for our workforce.

Tirofruit’s commitment is to land stewardship, community support, and a nurturing family culture.

Sharp Family
The office building of Tirofruit of New Zealand

Growing through challenges

Through tribulations like PSA outbreaks, cyclones, frosts, and droughts, Tirofruit flourished under Ray’s leadership, embracing resilience and innovation.

Scaling not only within the industry but across sectors, Tirofruit expanded into Dairy/Beef, assuming majority shares in expansive North Otago farming ventures.

The heart of Tirofruit

From the very beginning, Tirofruit has nurtured a “people-first philosophy”, placing its employees and the local community at the heart of everything it does. The company cherishes its team, an integral part of the Tirofruit family.

With a genuine concern for their employees’ well-being, Tirofruit goes the extra mile to create a supportive and inclusive work environment. This ethos, spearheaded by Francis Pauwels, the passionate and knowledgeable CEO, has set Tirofruit apart from the rest.

“It’s not just about getting the job done to the highest quality, it’s about fostering personal growth, providing development opportunities and promoting a healthy work/life balance”.

francis pauwels ceo

As Tirofruit continues to flourish, the company eagerly welcomes new members to its ever-growing family. With approximately 80 employees during peak seasons, Tirofruit offers a range of roles and positions to suit various skill sets and interests.

A man with a beard and a hat ties up vines for the coming kiwi fruit harvest

Tirofruit's continuing journey

Join us as we embark on this fruitful journey and celebrate the passion, innovation and people that define Tirofruit – a powerful, respected brand and a cherished home for those who work with the company. Together, we can cultivate a rewarding and sustainable future.

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