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A young woman smiling as she prunes kiwi fruit vines with secateurs

Seasonal Employment

As one of New Zealand’s more prominent kiwifruit growers, Tirofruit values its dedicated workforce and understands the importance of seasonal staff in our thriving business. We offer exciting prospects for individuals seeking seasonal work in the kiwifruit industry.

Permanent Employment

Whether you are interested in pursuing a long-term career in the horticulture industry or seeking opportunities to upskill and progress within the company, Tirofruit provides a supportive environment for your career journey.

Tirofruit Permanent Employment

Why work with Tirofruit?

Tirofruit is an attractive prospect for individuals seeking involvement in a resilient and forward-thinking kiwifruit enterprise. The company fosters a culture of perseverance and innovative problem-solving among its workforce.

The strategic emphasis on cultivating golden kiwifruit, renowned for its profitability and high demand, underlines Tirofruit’s market awareness and commitment to delivering superior products.

Its reputation as a dependable supplier of premium kiwifruit reflects the company’s unwavering pursuit of excellence, reflected in its operations and work culture.

Employees can anticipate a dynamic work environment offering opportunities for professional advancement and personal development.

Tirofruit’s people-centric approach is evident in its dedication to employee well-being and community engagement. Nurturing a collaborative and supportive work atmosphere, the company values teamwork and individual contributions. Its commitment to giving back to local communities underscores its integrity and social responsibility, making it an appealing option for those seeking a meaningful career in agriculture.

Culture of innovation

Tirofruit fosters a culture of innovation and encourages creative thinking.

Cultivating golden kiwifruit

Delivering high-value produce at the forefront of market demands.

Dynamic work environment

A dynamic work environment promoting growth and diversity.

People centric approach

We prioritise employee well-being and nurture a strong sense of community.

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