Kiwifruit Industry

Welcome to the captivating world of New Zealand's kiwifruit industry!

New Zealand’s kiwifruit industry is a golden legacy that has left an indelible mark on the global market. Bursting with flavour, vibrancy and nutritional goodness, kiwifruit has become an iconic fruit, and New Zealand is a key player in its cultivation, production and export. Let us take you on a journey through this thriving industry and Tirofruit’s role in shaping its success.

Aotearoa - Ideal Kiwifruit Growing Conditions

New Zealand’s diverse landscape provides an ideal environment for cultivating kiwifruit, with a unique combination of temperate climates and fertile soil. The New Zealand kiwifruit hits the markets in March and lasts until November, with additional supplies from countries including Italy, France, Korea and Japan to meet Zespri’s global supply needs. This strategy provides a year-round supply of this luscious fruit to the world. Regions like the Eastern Bay of Plenty, where Tirofruit’s orchards flourish, offer the perfect mix of sunshine, rainfall and warmth necessary for cultivating the prized kiwifruit.

Green and Gold

Two main varieties of kiwifruit reign supreme in New Zealand: the classic green Hayward kiwifruit and the renowned golden kiwifruit, often referred to as Zespri SunGold.

The Hayward variety has been a longstanding favourite worldwide with its emerald green flesh and delicious tangy flavour.

However, the golden kiwifruit has garnered significant attention for its sweetness and smooth texture, making it a highly sought-after delicacy.

Green and gold kiwifruit

Zespri: The global brand of excellence

From the vast orchards of New Zealand, the kiwifruit harvest flows into the hands of Zespri International Limited, the renowned marketing and management body of the kiwifruit industry. As the face of New Zealand’s kiwifruit on the global stage, Zespri has been instrumental in promoting the fruit’s unique attributes and securing a prominent position in international markets.

Through a meticulous quality control process, Zespri ensures that only the finest kiwifruit reaches consumers worldwide.

Their stringent guidelines encompass post-harvest management, handling, cool storage and distribution, guaranteeing that every bite of Zespri kiwifruit is an unforgettable and healthy experience.

From orchard to fruit bowl

Tirofruit takes pride in playing a vital role in the kiwifruit industry. For decades, amid the rolling hills and sun-drenched orchards of Opotiki, Omaio and Te Kaha, Tirofruit has cultivated golden kiwifruit of the highest quality, adding to New Zealand’s reputation as the finest producer in the world.

While Tirofruit does not directly sell its produce to consumers or supermarkets, all of Tirofruit’s kiwifruit finds its way there.

A basket of delicious kiwifruit
Hands holding soil with a leaf growing out of it.

Sustainability in the industry

New Zealand’s kiwifruit industry thrives not only due to its delicious fruit but also because of its strong commitment to sustainability. Tirofruit, in line with this ethos, ensures that its practices align with environmentally and socially responsible standards.

As a successful, intergenerational family business, Tirofruit recognises the significance of preserving the land and caring for the environment for future generations.

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