Could you please provide a brief description of Opotiki town?

Opotiki is a town in the Eastern Bay of Plenty in the North Island of New Zealand. It has a population of approximately 5000 people. Opotiki has various accommodation options, campsites, schools, marae, grocery stores and takeaway shops. Opotiki is a coastal town with plenty of beaches to wander, forests to explore and rivers to swim. Fishing and hunting are two of the top sports here in Opotiki.

The pay rate will vary depending on experience and type of position. Check out our Join Our Team page for more information.

Rain can impact the available hours for some positions due to the outdoor nature of some of the work. The average range is between 30 – 60 hours per week for kiwifruit vine workers. This may vary depending on factors including type of employment, and type of employment agreement.

You will need your own vehicle to get yourself to our site, or to the orchard.

It varies depending on the season. Winter pruning is May to August, Picking is March to May, etc. If you are in the office, or maintenance team this will be different. Check out Our Orchards page for more information on the seasons.

Opotiki, Omaio and Te Kaha, in New Zealand.
We currently provide accommodation for RSEs (Recognized Seasonal Employees) and are in the planning stages for an accommodation facility for other employees. In the meantime, there are accommodation services and campsites available within the area including but not limited to Motu Trails, Island View and Tirohanga Beach Holiday Park.
SSE (Supplementary Seasonal Employment) Visa OR WHV (Working Holiday Visa).

We sure do. Check out our Permanent Employment page for more information.