Kiwifruit harvest thrives despite economic uncertainty

As the fruits of our labour come to fruition, our team is brimming with enthusiasm as we witness the exceptional outcome of our hard work, especially after overcoming the challenges of frost and wind damage in the past two seasons.

However, we don’t let the weather deter us. The team remains focused on ensuring an efficient crop offload in the current weather conditions, and we are thrilled to share with you the exciting developments regarding this year’s kiwifruit harvest season at Tirofruit.

Bountiful yields and quality fruits

The orchards in Opotiki, Te Kaha, and Omaio have proven remarkable this year. Despite the difficulties we faced in the past, the perseverance and dedication of the Tirofruit team have resulted in some of the best kiwifruit yields and exceptional fruit quality. Seeing our efforts yield such fantastic results is heartening, reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

Industry growth and promising estimates

Our success is not isolated but indicates a broader trend within the industry. Zespri’s prediction of a substantial increase in production, estimated at around 195 million trays compared to last year’s 135 million, underscores the positive momentum and growth within the kiwifruit sector. This augurs well for the entire industry and reflects the collective tenacity of kiwifruit producers in New Zealand.

Tirofruits kiwifruit harvest team working in orchards

Overcoming challenges and celebrating team effort

Amidst this progress, the current harvest of our gold kiwifruit crops, which stands at approximately 30% completion, reaffirms our optimism. Although the larger crop size led to a slightly slower passage in maturity tests, the dedication of Tirofruit’s workforce has ensured a steady and efficient harvest.

Our team, comprising local, RSE, and seasonal employees, has shown exceptional camaraderie, contributing to seamless operations and success during this critical period.

Global reach and market potential

The international reach of our produce is equally significant. Zespri’s shipping of close to 15 million trays and the upcoming vessel arrivals in China, Japan, Europe, and North America’s West Coast underscores the global demand for New Zealand kiwifruit.

The focus on the Eastern States of the USA in this year’s Zespri Growers Tour signifies the substantial market potential that we are poised to tap into, further amplifying the impact of our harvest achievements on a global scale.

A fruitful future ahead

The future looks fruitful, and I’m looking forward to bowls full of kiwifruit this year. Last week, I sampled some of the new ruby red variety – delicious!

As we transform our orchards into a new era, I invite you to connect with us to learn more about our exceptional journey and the harvest season we are experiencing.

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