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The heart of Tirofruit

Welcome to the rich history of Tirofruit, a journey that began decades ago and has grown into a thriving legacy in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. From humble beginnings to a major player in the kiwifruit industry, Tirofruit has remained true to its values while embracing innovation and growth. Join us as we delve into the past and celebrate the foundation of our fruitful endeavours.

Our founding years

Tirofruit’s roots run deep, stemming from the vision and hard work of its founders, Ray and Lis Sharp. In 1995, they took the first steps in establishing a family-owned and operated kiwifruit enterprise. Ray Sharp, a key figure in the kiwi fruit sector who previously held positions on the boards of both Zespri and EastPack, contributed his invaluable knowledge and extensive experience.

Growing through challenges

As Tirofruit continued to thrive, it faced various challenges, which were seen as opportunities. With Ray at the helm, the company’s leadership navigated the kiwifruit industry’s ever-changing landscape with resilience and innovation. They focused on growing golden kiwifruit, which was more profitable and in higher demand.

From the beginning, Tirofruit has nurtured a “people-first philosophy”, placing its employees and the local community at the heart of everything it does. The company cherishes its team, an integral part of the Tirofruit family. This ethos has set Tirofruit apart from the rest.

From its inception to its ongoing cultivation, Tirofruit remains steadfast in its commitment to the land, the community and its people. As the kiwifruit industry evolves, Tirofruit looks to the horizon with optimism and determination. With a team of dedicated leaders and a workforce that embodies the spirit of family, Tirofruit’s legacy will undoubtedly continue to flourish, enriching lives and nurturing growth for generations to come.

Join us as we embark on this fruitful journey and celebrate the passion, innovation and people that define Tirofruit – a powerful, respected brand and a cherished home for those who work for the company. Together, we cultivate the future, one golden kiwifruit at a time.

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